Confettie's Charming Cica!








FIuch RUch

Noblewhite King of Hearts



Kovachii's Cristata  

Little Yokohama Kyomi
(Brasilian imp) FIN50460/05
Fin&N ch NV-01
Jasam's Interesting Silver Girl  S56393/2002
Int&PanAM&Br&Br Gch  WW-2004
Ryuuchi of Maruko Nomura JP
SP01305/02 imp. Japan
Br ch
Jin-Cherry JP Emily
SP00324/03 imp. Japan
Multi ch MultW
Silverbow Storm Boy
Australian imp
(HD A AD 0)

Int Nord Fin D Uch,NordV-98-00

NV-00-02 WW-03
Kullhagas Beautiful Queen

Confettie's Sylvester


Noiden's Lady Di


Such LP

Confettie's Knock Down

Confettie's Suger Candy

SV-99 Norduch DKuch SV-02 Intuch NORDV-05

Rowleys Just Justin

Wisexs Åda Of Yochi